A ficus ginseng plant in a white pot

About Ficus Ginseng Houseplants..

Full name Ficus Microcarpa Ginseng, this fascinating and popular houseplant will always attract comments from those that see it. Ficus Ginseng come in all shapes and sizes and are very easy to care for, requiring watering only once each week, less in winter. A Care Sheet is provided with each plant we sell.

The root structure is the Ginseng bit, indeed the word ‘Ginseng’ means root in Chinese. Most of the root grows above the soil and they form quirky shapes, each is different – which is why we photograph each plant and deliver to you the one that most appeals to you. The roots are grown for at least 15 years before Ficus leaves are grafted onto the top of the roots.

The plants are evergreen, keeping their leaves all year. If you feed and regularly move your plant to a larger pot, it can eventually reach a height of over a meter. However, pruning the leaves and roots can restrict the size to more manageable levels.

Ficus Ginseng are popular as bonsai and are often referred to as the ‘beginner’s bonsai’ as they are so easy to care for. The term ‘bonsai’ merely means ‘tree in a pot’. If you are searching for one in a traditional bonsai pot, go to our other site Tiny Trees, you will find some there, together with Ficus Retusa, another Ficus that traditionally has an ‘S-shaped’ trunk. We love these plants so much we thought that they deserved a site all of their own. You will find our current selection of plants on offer here – we have hundreds more!

Pet Owners

Do not let pets eat Ficus leaves, they may make your pet ill.


Plants are dispatched either the day you order or the next working day, and should be delivered in 1-2 working days.

The boxes we use are double thickness cardboard. On receipt of your plant place the box on a table, with the arrows pointing upwards, then open a SIDE (not the top) of the box. The plant is held in position by cable ties, cut these and gently remove the plant. Take off the plastic bag that ensures soil does not come loose should the box be turned upside down during transit. The plant will have been watered prior to dispatch so will not need water for 5-7 days. Enjoy your Ficus Ginseng!